March 28, 2017

Hospitals: Benefits of Working With a Medical Staffing Agency

Most, if not all, Human Resource managers or hiring managers can tell you that finding and attracting top talent takes time away from existing obligations.

Not that staffing is any less important, however.  But as companies scramble to fulfill immediate hiring needs, the time and resources needed to make it work present a big challenge.

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March 21, 2017

Hospitalist Staffing: How to Know When to Hire

Determining appropriate staffing levels is a huge challenge for those in charge of hospital medical programs. The truth is, there’s no right answer and the correct solution depends on the individual needs of each facility.

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March 14, 2017

Leadership Tips to Overcome Difficult Situations With Your ED Team

It’s been said that the mark of a true leader isn’t how he or she acts when things are going well, but how they act when the going gets tough.

In an Emergency Department, the going certainly can get tough.

Within your ED team, whether you’re a doctor or administrator, knowing how to react will prevent the situation from becoming even more problematic. Here are some leadership tips to begin incorporating into these difficult situations:

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Why Good Medical Documentation is Important

Medical records are an important tool in treating patients, but they’re often overlooked regarding their importance and the way they’re maintained.

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February 21, 2017

Benefits of Moonlighting With Concord Medical Group

If you’re a physician who earns secondary income by moonlighting with other hospitals – or even within your hospital – you’re not alone. A 2013 survey by Medical Economics showed that 36% of family medicine and general practitioners earned additional income outside of their primary practice, or hospital.

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